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Digital Leaders AdTruth, PubMatic and TRUSTe Design Mobile and Desktop Privacy Technology Solution

June 13, 2013

Today, AdTruth, PubMatic and TRUSTe jointly announced the creation of a new privacy technology solution to provide consumer choice when using online interest-based advertising (OBA) dependent on technologies other than cookies – from desktop to mobile.

As more consumers use devices to access the web, and more consumers use free or discounted services funded by advertisers, there is a demand for a new solution to ensure reliable consumer choice when using device identification technologies.
This innovative technology adheres to and fits within the framework of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s guidelines, and will be unveiled at a Tech Talk’s panel at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on June 20th.

“We built this technology solution in accordance with the DAA’s framework,” said Bob Walczak, Vice President of mobile at PubMatic.

“There’s a strong need in the marketplace for technology that will provide consumer choice when advertising relies on device identifiers, ensuring an effective consumer experience. This technology solution achieves this end by allowing advertisers to use unique identifiers for behavioral targeted advertising while providing consumers with clear and conspicuous privacy choices.”

Stuart Ingis, General Counsel of the DAA, noted that, “As technology continues to evolve, it is critical that the DAA Privacy Principles of transparency and choice continue to be available for consumers. Solutions like this deliver on the DAA Principles’ requirements that consumer choice is reliably honored.”

With real-time bidding and accompanying data targeting solutions businesses can use device identification technologies to display more relevant offerings to consumers across devices quickly and cost-effectively.

“As consumer usage continues to fragment across multiple screens,” said James Lamberti from AdTruth, “we see increased demand for audience identification solutions that help deliver relevant creative while ensuring consumer choice for such solutions.”


There is a jointly held panel discussion at the Cannes Lions Festival which will take place on Thursday June 20th. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.