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Tune In: Sprint Discusses Consumer Privacy Concerns

May 09, 2013

Join us for an informative webinar with special guest Sprint – global provider of voice, data and Internet services – and get insight into how a leading brand takes into account and incorporates consumer privacy concerns into their marketing strategies.

Register for the “Are Your Audience-Building Efforts Suffering Due to Consumer Privacy Concerns?” webinar today!

The discussion will be lead by TRUSTe’s Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product joins Vicki Ryan, Head of Marketing from Sprint’s Pinsight Media+ team. Our two experts will cover the effects of mistrust on a company’s ability to capture subscribers and data, and issues in privacy with the fast development in the sphere of mobile applications and digital editions. Joanne and Vicki will then go through tactics that can protect your audience and their concerns over privacy.

This is a valuable discussion for professional marketers with an increasing audience that follows the brand, and anyone working to maintain and nurture an audience base. This webinar will help marketers better manage customer privacy while illustrating the reasons for its importance. 

Sign up here and tune in with us next Thursday, May 16th from 11 – 12 PM PDT.