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May 02, 2013

———May 9

Join TRUSTe’s first May event at an interactive discussion – How Website Monitoring Can Boost Marketing ROI and Reduce Corporate Risk.” With our Product Manager Calvin Lam and TRUSTe Managing Director Mikhail Nikitin, learn about current website monitoring and reporting services that help some of the web’s largest websites manage privacy related risks, understand lost revenue threats due to retargeting of audience, and understand how third parties impact their site performance.


———May 13-14

If you’re at 3rd European Data Protection Days in Berlin, stop by our booth to say hi and meet the team as we celebrate the International and the European Data Protection Day (May 13 and 14 accordingly).


———May 15

Learn firsthand from IDG Chief Marketing Officer Dawn Briddon about their experience with implementing a comprehensive privacy strategy during the  Understanding the State of EU Cookie Directive and Solutions to Help You Comply webinar. Register and join TRUSTe Product Manager Clay Turk, TRUSTe Managing Director Danilo Labovic and TRUSTe Senior Product Manager Tony Berman, as we discuss the current legal landscape of EU Cookie Directive. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to build a privacy strategy and solution for your company’s compliance, and help you understand the technologies available today.


———May 15-16

TRUSTe will be presenting at the 2nd Data Protection, Security & Privacy Compliance in Arlington, on the topic “Dissecting the Global Data Privacy of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC)”.


———May 16

TRUSTe Director of Product Policy Joanne Furtsch will be joined by Vicki Ryan, Head of Marketing for Pinsight Media+ (Mobile Advertising at Sprint), to share insights on how to best manage customer privacy, while increasing trust among customers. Register here for the Are Your Audience-Building Efforts Suffering Due to Consumer Privacy Concerns? webinar.


———May 15-17

Digiday Innovation Summit is happening in Las Vegas and we’ll be there sponsoring a Tech Talk outlining new solutions, as well as what brands, agencies and publishers need to do today to support innovation in digital media.


———May 17

Meet up with TRUSTe in London during the Haymarket Rev Awards – which recognizes agencies and brands that have produced innovative digital campaigns.


———May 23-24

TRUSTe will be a sponsor at IAB Interact 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. TRUSTe Director of Product Policy Joanne Furtsch will be speaking alongside IAB UK’s Nick Stringer about Self- Regulation for OBA.


———May 30

Join the CEO of TRUSTe, Chris Babel, at Live Ramp’s 2013 Ramp Up! Summit in Mountain View.