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TRUSTe and ValueClick Partner On Privacy

November 28, 2012

John Gamble
Marketing Manager | TRUSTe

Earlier today we announced an exciting new addition to our client roster, with ValueClick (and its subsidiary brands Dotomi, Greystripe, and MediaPlex) becoming global users of our advertising privacy technology, TRUSTed Ads.  The TRUSTed Ads platform provides a display-ad and publisher technology that enables companies to comply with self-regulatory standards in the United States and Europe, providing consumers with scalable privacy notice and choice around behavioral advertising. Our TRUSTed Ads platform has grown in leaps and bounds and now supports billions of ad impressions every day.

“At ValueClick, we’re committed to delivering the best results possible for our clients. By choosing TRUSTe for privacy management, we are ensuring that our customers are exceeding the standards in online privacy,” said Jason Bier, Chief Privacy Officer for ValueClick. “Our needs are complex, including personalized digital advertising across many devices in the U.S. as well as multiple international markets. TRUSTe has the right privacy solutions to bridge all of these needs.”

ValueClick has also partnered with TRUSTe to further develop and advance our equivalent technology for the mobile advertising ecosystem. When it comes to delivering scalable advertising privacy notice and choice in the mobile ecosystem there are some unique challenges. Mobile devices, for example, do not typically support cookies,  so cookie-based opt-out management does not work.  Our VP of Product, Kevin Trilli, detailed the tracking intricacies of the latest iOS system in a blog post this fall, illustrating  just one of the many mobile privacy challenges that the industry faces.  Successful privacy solutions in the mobile space must be able to address a range of tracking and targeting technologies, in an advertising ecosystem that is more fragmented and  less standardized than the traditional display advertising. 

Last spring TRUSTe launched the industry’s first in-market solution to holistically address these mobile privacy challenges, with the introduction of our TRUSTed Mobile Ads technology platform. We’ve been hard at work iterating and improving this platform in the past few months and have assembled a fantastic set of partners in the mobile advertising space, with ValueClick being the most recent addition.

If you’re interested to learn more about our work with ValueClick you can read the full press release on our website here.