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How TRUSTe Powers Compliance With The Privacy Bill Of Rights

February 23, 2012

Chris Babel

Earlier today the White House released a seminal privacy report containing a blueprint for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. It lays out seven fundamental privacy rights: individual control, transparency, respect for context, security, access and accuracy, focused collection, and accountability.

The Obama Administration’s blueprint for this Bill of Rights is right in TRUSTe’s wheelhouse. In fact, we’ve already helped thousands of companies satisfy these very standards over the years through our privacy technology and certification programs. For well over a decade we’ve recognized that these rights are fundamental to ensuring consumer data protection and have incorporated them into the very fabric of our company: our program requirements.  It’s very satisfying to have the Presidential Administration’s ringing endorsement of the direction we’ve steered privacy self-regulation in the last ten years.

Without a doubt TRUSTe has the most comprehensive offering of privacy certifications and compliance technologies in market today. Whether you’re a mobile app developer, an online publisher, or a 3rd party data collector, we stand prepared to meet your needs. We’ve built comprehensive solutions because we recognize that the most efficient, cost-effective way for companies to tackle privacy challenges is through holistic solutions. In the world of privacy a company is really only as strong as its weakest link.

To show you exactly how TRUSTe powers adherence with the White House’s Privacy Bill of Rights I’ve broken down each principle in the table below and mapped it against our offerings. As you can see, TRUSTe is in an ideal position to help companies comply.

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