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Facebook’s New Publishing Program and Privacy Controls

July 01, 2009

Social Networking has amplified online privacy issues in every way. Facebook, a TRUSTe sealholder, announced today their new publishing and privacy program that opens users posts to the general public. This broadcast option is clearly a rational response to Twitter and its open publishing platform. From a privacy standpoint, Facebook has made a strong effort to put privacy first. In rolling out these new publishing settings, they’re giving their users control to decide if they want to broadcast to a bigger audience or maintain their status quo (which could be limited to friends or even individuals). Facebook is also taking the time to educate their users about their choices. And they’re making the privacy choices simpler and more accessible.

The TRUSTe team has reviewed the new Facebook program and we commend them – they’ve covered all the basis of transparency and choice, continuing to provide granular privacy options. Importantly, Facebook is subject to TRUSTe’s compliance and enforcement program. We stand by, through our advanced compaint and dispute resolutions services, to ensure that as Facebook rolls this out they live up to their commitments.

— Fran Maier, CEO