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SmartShopper Provisional Status Lifted

December 04, 2008

TRUSTe is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of the SmartShopper application team to “walk-the-walk” when it comes to the behavior and distribution of the SmartShopper application. Originally certified and listed on TRUSTe’s white list on Valentine’s Day 2007 when it was owned by SmartShopper LTD, the SmartShopper application was made subject to a second Provisional certification period (lasting an additional six months) after it was purchased by Zango. The Provisional certification period (which heightens TRUSTe’s monitoring of consumer complaints, ongoing changes in application behavior and notices, and distribution points) was considered appropriate because of Zango’s past reputational issues as observed … Continue reading SmartShopper Provisional Status Lifted

comScore’s RelevantKnowledge Moves Past “Provisional” Label

October 24, 2008

comScore’s RelevantKnowledge is once again a Trusted Download with full whitelist and program privileges, after six months as a “Provisional” member. An early adopter of TRUSTe’s voluntary notice and choice standards for software privacy, comScore has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving network accountability and consumer control for their software. Provisional Status is effectively a probation period that lasts for a minimum of six months, during which a white-listed application is subject to additional monitoring by the Trusted Download Program’s Compliance Team. After six months as a Provisional member of the whitelist with no material program violations, RelevantKnowledge today once … Continue reading comScore’s RelevantKnowledge Moves Past “Provisional” Label

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