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eBay Makes a Bid For User Privacy

February 23, 2009

We are happy to announce that eBay is the latest company to be welcomed into TRUSTe’s Trusted Download Program for its newly released Browser Highlighter application. The application takes the legwork out of web surfing by highlighting phone numbers, forms and other products on a site. TRUSTe put eBay’s Browser Highlighter through its rigorous certification process, which requires the company to clearly communicate key functionalities, to obtain informed consumer consent prior to download, and to provide an easy uninstall with clear instructions, among other requirements. The program ensures that users will be completely informed, which increases transparency and control – … Continue reading eBay Makes a Bid For User Privacy

Vomba’s AdVantage Software Suspended from TDP

August 14, 2008

First thing Monday morning, it was brought to our attention by a former Head of Privacy at Microsoft, and former TRUSTe Board Member, Richard Purcell, that the AdVantage software application, was serving malicious advertising. By Tuesday morning, Sandi Hardmeier, TRUSTe’s Online Compliance Researcher, was able to confirm and reproduce the malicious ads and by Tuesday afternoon, a Suspension Letter was issued. Our focus now turns to the security and control mechanisms that Vomba will need to remain in the program. Research confirmed that an ad displayed by AdVantage contained a script that opened a web page containing another script that … Continue reading Vomba’s AdVantage Software Suspended from TDP

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