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New IoT Trust Framework Addresses Privacy Risks & Guidelines

August 11, 2015

Today, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released its Internet of Things Trust Framework, to address IoT privacy and security risks. The Framework provides guidelines for IoT manufacturers, developers and retailers to follow when designing, creating, adapting and marketing connected devices in two key categories: home automation, and consumer health and fitness wearables. “The rapid growth of the Internet of Things now includes thousands of connected products, yet it’s shocking how little planning there has been for these devices becoming a part of everyday life,” said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President of the OTA, a non-profit group with a mission … Continue reading New IoT Trust Framework Addresses Privacy Risks & Guidelines

Meet the Leading Players in the Privacy Ecosystem: Craig Spiezle, Executive Director & President, Online Trust Alliance

August 05, 2015

Over a hundred organizations are responsible for shaping the future of data privacy. In this new series we’ll profile some of the organizations that are helping to shape the massive privacy ecosystem through the eyes of the professionals that work there and learn more about their perspectives on privacy.  


What is your organization’s role in the privacy ecosystem? 

As an independent non-profit OTA’s role is develop and advance best practices to enhance online trust, promote innovation and increase accountability. For the past decade we have convened multi-stakeholder efforts and initiatives, and published progress reports and independent audits. OTA uniquely looks at the convergence of security, privacy and sustainability of business practices. We need to focus on data protection, which encompasses all three.


What key goals/issues is your organization focused on tackling? 

Online trust is eroding on many fronts. Take for example online advertising. In the absence of any meaningful self-regulatory efforts to provide consumers the ability to control data collection and tracking, upwards of 25% of users are blocking online advertising. This has been amplified by the lack of security safeguards and circuit breakers to help block and prevent malicious ads from being served on legitimate websites. This is a serious concern as advertising fuels significant services consumer rely on, as well as tarnishes the reputation of websites that serve these ads. In parallel, we are making a significant investment in developing an IoT trust framework that will lead to a voluntary code of conduct and likely certification program. With TRUSTe and more than 100 other organizations we are working to roll out a comprehensive framework to help vendors and developers address the IoT threat landscape.


How have your organization’s goals/focus changed over the years to address evolving technologies or challenges? 

It has been an evolution looking at privacy and security holistically while focusing on the data lifecycle, supply chain and flow. They are two sides of the same coin.


Looking ahead, what are the most important data privacy issues/concerns you think need to be addressed by the industry and/or government legislation? 

Self-regulation is failing as trade groups and advocates have become polarized. Collectively we must be willing to make changes today for the long-term benefit of consumer and industry alike. We remain supportive of Federal legislation in data beach, security and privacy — setting a high bar without preempting State Attorney Generals from enforcement. At the same time we need greater accountability. We need to empower the FTC and FCC to take action and fine companies who are failing to protect consumers and their data.


What is the biggest current threat (to consumers or businesses?) 

We are at the crossroads of a trust “tragedy of the commons.”  The wild west of data collection and sharing without explicit consumer consent will have a long-term impact.

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New Trust Framework to Address Privacy & Security Challenges of Connected Devices

May 13, 2015

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), announced today that it’s welcoming experts to join the working group creating a trust framework for the security, privacy and sustainability risks of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The framework will be presented in a special panel at TRUSTe’s IoT Privacy Summit 2015 on June 17 in Menlo Park, Calif. The framework will initially focus on connected home and wearable/fitness technologies. It reflects input from a consortium of leaders in both the private and public sectors — including the security and privacy community, app developers, manufacturers and international retailers. This working group builds on … Continue reading New Trust Framework to Address Privacy & Security Challenges of Connected Devices

TRUSTe Wins Online Trust Leadership Award!

October 20, 2011

John Gamble Marketing Manager | TRUSTe @johnaddison We’re excited to announce that the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has named TRUSTe a 2011 Online Trust Leadership Award winner for “Excellence in Self-Regulatory Programs”. We’ve put a lot of hard work into our self-regulatory product offers – in the last year alone we’ve introduced a number of new programs to compliment our privacy suite and address market needs, including TRUSTed Ads, Third Party Data Collection Certification, Cloud Certification, and Mobile App Certification. These products have enabled us to meet emerging privacy challenges head on and allow our clients to address privacy issues in … Continue reading TRUSTe Wins Online Trust Leadership Award!