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Building Confidence in Today’s Online Advertising

June 22, 2009

TRUSTe’s Approach to Behavioral Advertising Last week’s Commerce Committee hearings on Behavioral Advertising underscored consumer discomfort, the efforts that companies and groups are implementing to improve consumer confidence, and the gap that legislators are trying to close. As TRUSTe sealholders know, they have long been required to provide users with details of how cookies and other tracking technologies are used on their sites in their privacy policies. We have polled users about their opinions and expectations around Behavioral Advertising. In January, we provided a detailed guide intended to help companies better understand the technologies and business models involved and to … Continue reading Building Confidence in Today’s Online Advertising

IE8: Browsing “InPrivate” Features Take User Privacy to Center Stage

August 25, 2008

User sensitivity to privacy on the internet has been difficult to quantify and act upon for technology providers, websites and advertisers, never mind consumers themselves. In TRUSTe research we have seen a consistent user concern about tracking and targeting; inconsistently competing with a desire for more relevant advertising and content. New features that Microsoft has added to IE8, (explained here on the IE8 Blog), help resolve some of that concern that users express by giving them more choices on how to control information (both PII and anonymized behavioral information.) “InPrivate” browsing allows consumers to easily, anonymously browse the web by … Continue reading IE8: Browsing “InPrivate” Features Take User Privacy to Center Stage

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