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TRUSTe Announces Comprehensive Set of Privacy Shield Solutions

July 12, 2016

Following formal adoption today of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, TRUSTe has announced a full set of solutions for companies to address the assessment, verification and dispute resolution requirements in the new framework. TRUSTe will help companies to review compliance with the new Privacy Shield principles for transfers of customer and HR data out of the EU, prior to self-certification with the Department of Commerce. Companies choosing to use TRUSTe technology for handling customer disputes will be entitled to display a new “Powered by TRUSTe – Privacy Feedback Button”. The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield is the new international data transfer framework published … Continue reading TRUSTe Announces Comprehensive Set of Privacy Shield Solutions

Limits of Self Policing

May 17, 2009

I’ve been watching with great interest the machinations at Craig’s List in response to the “Craig’s List Killer.” And I heartily applaud Craigs List for deciding to review all the personal and erotic ads. In the mid 90’s, when I was running, we decided early on that we had to review the ads – it was the responsible thing to do, the potential harm was too high. Saturday’s “The Perils of Self Policing” points out that there is little incentive for some participants in this kind of community to police themselves. At, and now at TRUSTe, I whole-heartedly … Continue reading Limits of Self Policing