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When Mobile App Downloads Can Cost A Company $2,500 A Pop

November 02, 2012

John Gamble
Marketing Manager | TRUSTe

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Back in March we discussed an agreement between the California Attorney General’s Office and major app platform operators that would enforce state law and require developers to have and conspicuously post privacy policies for their mobile apps.  Based on the agreement, developers could achieve compliance in three straightforward steps:

  1. Create a privacy policy for their app
  2. Add a link to the privacy policy to the app store listing
  3. Add a link to the privacy policy within the app itself

Fast forward to today and while it appears that some developers have taken the necessary steps to comply, many have not.  Earlier this week the California Attorney General’s Office sent warning letters to over 100 mobile developers, giving them 30 days to bring their apps into compliance or face fines of $2,500 per app download by a California citizen. For apps that get hundreds or thousands of downloads per day these fines could add up to a hefty chunk of change that could quickly outpace app sales or mobile advertising revenues. Read more “When Mobile App Downloads Can Cost A Company $2,500 A Pop”

Haymarket joins leading international media companies in choosing TRUSTe

November 01, 2012

Danilo Labovic
EMEA Managing Director | TRUSTe

The Haymarket Media Group has chosen TRUSTe’s comprehensive range of data privacy management solutions to ensure compliance, build consumer trust and demonstrate accountability and privacy best practices to the many millions of users who visit their websites each day. Haymarket joins other leading international media companies such as The New York Times, Forbes, IDG, Econsultancy and Guardian News & Media, who have also chosen TRUSTe’s data privacy solutions for their business.

Leading international publishers are at the forefront of managing consumer data within their business and own some of the most visited and tracked websites in the world. At TRUSTe, we have worked closely with our publishing clients, to ensure that we have used our privacy expertise to develop a range of products and solutions which best meet this sectors’ privacy needs. Read more “Haymarket joins leading international media companies in choosing TRUSTe”

The EU Cookie Directive – The Inside Story

October 30, 2012

Danilo Labovic
EMEA Managing Director | TRUSTe

At the start of 2012 the headlines were full of predictions of doom as the EU Cookie Directive was single-handedly going to bring down websites, marketing, online publishing, and ecommerce as consumers opted out of cookies and abandoned websites due to a bad user experience. Five months on, what is the real story of how the Cookie Directive has impacted major website owners?

At TRUSTe we looked at the consequences of using a robust consent management solution to comply with the EU Cookie Directive by reviewing the actions taken by a sample of 3.5 million users of 29 different UK website implementations from June through September 2012.  The companies included in the analysis all use TRUSTe’s EU Consent Manager solution to comply with the Directive.  TRUSTe has been working with clients ranging from Oracle, to publishers such as Forbes & IDG, and consumer brands such as Aldo Shoes who have all chosen the TRUSTe EU Consent Manager solution to manage compliance and cookie preferences on their websites.

The good news for website owners is the vast majority of visitors are continuing to allow full “Advertising Cookies” with only a small minority of visitors (0.05% or 5 in 10,000) choosing to change their default cookie setting and only allow “Required or Functional Cookies” on the websites they visited. With the ICO due to publish a progress report on the Cookie Directive in November, these findings show that the impact of complying is minimal and at the same time research shows that greater transparency about tracking may increase trust. Read more “The EU Cookie Directive – The Inside Story”

TRUSTe Recognized Among 100 Fastest Growing Companies!

October 26, 2012

On Wednesday members our team attended a reception at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate TRUSTe’s recognition by the SF Business Times among the “100 Fastest Growing Companies in the Bay Area”.  It’s an honor to make this list and a testament to our more than 5,000 customers around the world who leverage our privacy technology and certifications to build trust online. Thanks to our customers, business partners and friends we’ve enjoyed over 90 percent growth and pioneered scalable privacy technology like our TRUSTed Ads platform, which supports billions of online ad impressions every day.

To be recognized alongside  tech industry notables and fellow fast growing companies like Marketo (a customer), Coverity, AdRoll, and Bizo also speaks volumes to the growing importance of privacy online. The market for privacy has exploded thanks to the emergence of ‘big data’ and the complexity of online tracking and data flows today. There’s never been a greater need for trust and we’ve been hard at work delivering a suite of privacy solutions that can help businesses achieve transparency, accountability and consumer choice in the online ecosystem. Read more “TRUSTe Recognized Among 100 Fastest Growing Companies!”

Are businesses smart enough about smartphone privacy?

October 18, 2012

Richard Foster
UK Director Ad Solutions | TRUSTe

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Mobile advertising spend is the fastest growing channel in advertising history. IAB UK research published earlier this month showed that mobile and tablet ad spend in the UK grew 132% to £181.5m in the first half of 2012, as smartphone ownership reached 60%. But this growth is increasingly threatened by consumer privacy concerns.

Ernst & Young published a research study The Mobile Maze last week into global mobile usage which showed yet again that customer concerns over privacy were limiting take up.  Our own recent UK consumer research showed that 27% of consumers are more concerned about their privacy on smartphones than on their computer and 68% of people have not downloaded an app that they didn’t trust.  Only 6% of top 100 UK websites have a mobile optimised privacy policy.

These issues were high up the agenda at the TRUSTe-sponsored first ever IAB UK Mobile Privacy Event in London yesterday. A packed house gathered to hear recent research from TRUSTe’s Vice President of Business Development, Mobile, Richard Qiu and Marta Costas, Mobile and Regulatory Affairs Manager, at IAB UK followed by a lively panel discussion including Dave Evans from the UK ICO and Chris Davies, General Counsel at InMobi. Read more “Are businesses smart enough about smartphone privacy?”

TRUSTe & Privacy In The News

October 16, 2012

Our Giant’s playoff run isn’t the only thing that’s had our office buzzing: last week we were thrilled to see The San Francisco Chronicle run a feature on our company and the privacy space (“TRUSTe helps companies heed privacy laws“), based on an interview with our CEO, Chris Babel. On the future of ‘Big Data’ Babel says:

“All the types of targeting and tracking you see happening online are starting to make their way back to brick-and-mortar retail. People focus on the digital aspect of this, but it’s all going to come back full circle to the real world. We’re in the age of big data, where it’s easy to store things. We’re not certain of (all the) use cases, but a lot of use cases will be thought of in the next decade. How does that impact consumer privacy? It’s going to cause a lot of interesting questions.” Read more “TRUSTe & Privacy In The News”