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TRUSTe and ValueClick Partner On Privacy

November 28, 2012

John Gamble
Marketing Manager | TRUSTe

Earlier today we announced an exciting new addition to our client roster, with ValueClick (and its subsidiary brands Dotomi, Greystripe, and MediaPlex) becoming global users of our advertising privacy technology, TRUSTed Ads.  The TRUSTed Ads platform provides a display-ad and publisher technology that enables companies to comply with self-regulatory standards in the United States and Europe, providing consumers with scalable privacy notice and choice around behavioral advertising. Our TRUSTed Ads platform has grown in leaps and bounds and now supports billions of ad impressions every day.

“At ValueClick, we’re committed to delivering the best results possible for our clients. By choosing TRUSTe for privacy management, we are ensuring that our customers are exceeding the standards in online privacy,” said Jason Bier, Chief Privacy Officer for ValueClick. “Our needs are complex, including personalized digital advertising across many devices in the U.S. as well as multiple international markets. TRUSTe has the right privacy solutions to bridge all of these needs.”

ValueClick has also partnered with TRUSTe to further develop and advance our equivalent technology for the mobile advertising ecosystem. When it comes to delivering scalable advertising privacy notice and choice in the mobile ecosystem there are some unique challenges. Mobile devices, for example, do not typically support cookies,  so cookie-based opt-out management does not work.  Our VP of Product, Kevin Trilli, detailed the tracking intricacies of the latest iOS system in a blog post this fall, illustrating  just one of the many mobile privacy challenges that the industry faces.  Successful privacy solutions in the mobile space must be able to address a range of tracking and targeting technologies, in an advertising ecosystem that is more fragmented and  less standardized than the traditional display advertising.  Read more “TRUSTe and ValueClick Partner On Privacy”

Behind the statistics – responding to EU consumers’ online privacy concerns

November 20, 2012

Danilo Labovic
EMEA Managing Director | TRUSTe

Last Thursday we published the most comprehensive analysis of current consumer attitudes to data privacy across key EU markets. The research included findings from an Ipsos MORI survey of over 4000 consumers in France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands and an analysis of the tracking and compliance on the top 200 websites across these four countries.

The research has been widely picked up and reported by publications ranging from L’Echo and Express in Belgium, Winmag Pro and AdManager in the Netherlands to Brand Republic and Mobile Marketing Magazine in the UK. But behind the headlines what are the key insights from this study for companies doing business in the EU?

We found that the majority of EU consumers are highly knowledgeable about online tracking and are aware of the pay-off between online targeting from advertisers and receiving free online services and content. However they have high levels of privacy concerns and across all four countries surveyed, an average of 83% thought that companies should get their permission before tracking them online. Read more “Behind the statistics – responding to EU consumers’ online privacy concerns”

The TRUSTe Digest – 11/19/2012

November 19, 2012

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us and we’ve had a number of exciting announcements during that time so we wanted to recap some of the most important ones in this post in case you missed them!

Concern in the US and an impasse in the EU over new data protection regulation

The proposed EU Data Protection Regulation continues to bring controversy and discussion on both sides of the Atlantic. Our Policy Director, Saira Nayak, shared her thoughts on the current impasse over the proposed EU regulation in a recent blog post.

EU companies out of step with consumer concerns over online tracking

TRUSTe recently published the first-ever comprehensive analysis of current consumer attitudes toward data privacy and the Cookie Directive across the EU. This extensive study included over 4,000 consumers (conducted online via Ipsos MORI’s Omnibus survey in France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands) and also included a review of tracking technology on 200 top websites across these four countries.  Further details from this study are included in the TRUSTe 2012 EU Consumer Privacy Index and have been covered by online outlets like:

ComputerWorld UK – Most popular EU websites don’t ask permission to install cookies
PC Advisor  – Majority of popular EU websites don’t ask permission to install cookies, report says
CIO  – Majority of popular EU websites don’t ask permission to install cookies, report says

Avoiding a ‘clash of the icons’

When companies first used the AdChoices Icon for online behavioral ads, icon service providers typically ran the icons in the top right corner of display ads. Today, it’s not uncommon to see more than one AdChoices Icon, in any number of locations on an ad creative. Read about TRUSTe’s icon–collision solution by reading this recent TRUSTe blog post. Read more “The TRUSTe Digest – 11/19/2012”

Too prescriptive for innovation? The current impasse with the proposed EU regulation

November 12, 2012

Saira Nayak
Policy Director | TRUSTe


It’s hard to say what the future is for the proposed EU data protection regulation.  Nearly a year after its announcement in January 2012, the proposed reg – in particular it’s more prescriptive requirements – continue to engender controversy and discussion among stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic.  Industry opposition to the more burdensome requirements has grown louder; even the US Chamber has gotten involved in the lobbying effort to alter the proposals.

The concerns with the proposed reg aren’t just limited to industry.  Yesterday, the UK ICO Commissioner, Christopher Graham, told an audience that the proposed reg is unworkable for regulators– because of its prescriptive proposals (it forces them to fine companies for example), and requirements that would require a large staff to implement (a resource many DPAs don’t have in Europe).

Additional concerns with the proposed reg were summarized in last week’s report by  the UK House of Commons Justice Select Committee, who told the European Commission that they would need to “go back to the drawing board” on the current Data Protection proposals.

Yet it’s unclear whether the primary author of the proposed reg, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding would agree – which means we may be at an impasse.  Reding of course is the EU’s Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights & Citizenship – data protection falls within her portfolio. Read more “Too prescriptive for innovation? The current impasse with the proposed EU regulation”

Join Us At The Ritz For A Mobile Privacy Workshop

November 08, 2012

John Gamble
Marketing Manager | TRUSTe

If you live or work in the Bay Area then join us next Wednesday, November 14th, at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco for a mobile privacy roundtable we’re co-hosting with Compliance Week and SC Magazine. We’ve got a fantastic lineup of moderators and panelists and will host a cocktail hour when it’s over, so we hope you can make it!

Managing Privacy Risks in the Era of the Mobile, Extended Enterprise

Where: 600 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA  (Ritz-Carlton)

When:  Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, 3-6pm

Register here


This is a can’t-miss event for companies pursuing mobile lines of business, but if you don’t live in the Bay Area don’t worry, because we’re looking to take this show on the road.  We also have resources on our website where you can learn more about mobile privacy challenges, and representatives across the country and in Europe who would be happy to speak with you more about these issues. Read more “Join Us At The Ritz For A Mobile Privacy Workshop”

Do your customers know how good your privacy practices really are?

Richard Foster
UK Director Ad Solutions | TRUSTe

In the context of rising privacy concerns and regulatory uncertainty the latest research by Ipsos MORI on behalf of TRUSTe shows that privacy certifications or seals can significantly increase levels of consumer trust online.

Respondents[1] were asked online if they would trust a website more if they saw a certification or seal indicating privacy approval from an outside organisation. 62% of respondents in France agreed, as did 57% in Germany and Great Britain and 49% in the Netherlands.

Over 5,000 customers worldwide use TRUSTe’s data privacy management solutions and display the green “certified privacy” seal on their websites or in their apps – including businesses in the UK, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Research earlier this year by Harris Interactive found that 60% of UK users look for privacy seals on a website and that TRUSTe is the #1 privacy brand in the UK with 50% consumer awareness. Read more “Do your customers know how good your privacy practices really are?”