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The State of Consumer Privacy Confidence

July 17, 2012

Dave Deasy
VP of Marketing | TRUSTe

Last month we released the results of the Q2 U.S. Consumer Confidence Edition of our Privacy Index series. We found that consumer privacy concerns remain high – 91 percent of U.S. adults worry about their privacy online, up slightly from 90 percent in Q1. The potential business impact of these concerns is substantial and unchanged from the previous quarter – 88 percent of U.S adults say they avoid companies that do not protect their privacy.

While worrisome that just over half of consumer have a low level of trust (53 percent report that they do not trust businesses with their personal information online), the fact that nearly 50 percent of consumers do trust businesses indicates that many companies are successfully addressing concerns through strong privacy management practices. Overall, companies still have a lot of work to do,  and consumers are watching – 93% believe that businesses have a responsibility to protect their privacy online.

At TRUSTe we have been working hard to educate businesses on the value of privacy (through surveys, webinars and events across the country) and equipping them with the technologies and tools they need to implement strong privacy management practices across their online platforms.

A notable and positive trend we’ve seen in the market is an increasing desire among marketing and product professionals to learn about privacy. A few years ago our privacy conversations were usually limited to the legal department of company. Today, however, many businesses recognize the importance of addressing privacy proactively and across their organizations.  It’s now common for half or more of our webinar or event audiences to come from outside the legal department and it’s a trend we anticipate will continue.

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