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TRUSTe – Anniversary Fun and Games (and Cool Prizes!)

July 16, 2012

Chris Babel

If you haven’t heard, TRUSTe is marking its 15-year anniversary, and we’re kicking it off with an Open House scheduled Thursday, July 19. During the past decade and a half we’ve delivered some of the industry’s most innovative privacy management solutions. And we’ve delivered them for an online world that has been transformed by changes that we couldn’t possibly have imagined 15 years ago. Consider, for example:

  • Had anyone even heard of online behavioral advertising in 1997?
  • Would you have understood how (or been able) to shop online and make a purchase from the cloud?
  • Could you imagine being tracked through geographical information from your smartphone?

No, no and thirdly, also no – because there were no smartphones! Apple introduced the iPhone just five short years ago in 2007.

Yet with all these changes, TRUSTe has kept pace, developing high-quality privacy policies that benefit both businesses and consumers alike. We were among the first to introduce a behavioral notice and choice privacy program; the first to launch a mobile privacy certification program for mobile apps; and, just recently, the first to deliver the most comprehensive EU privacy solution suite available.

From our website certification program – which started with just 100 websites in 1998 – to certifying our first email privacy seal in 2005 – we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, as the technology has also grown around us. All of this means that today – after 15 years – the time is right for a milestone anniversary celebration!

In addition to our Open House, we are planning some anniversary fun and games to get everyone engaged, and I’d like to get the ball rolling right now with TRUSTe’s own privacy trivia game.

Here’s how it’s played. Answer 15 trivia questions about online privacy. Some relate to consumer perceptions; some are about TRUSTe’s own history; and some have to do with business trends. But they all have to do with online privacy.

All you have to do is respond – and answer the questions correctly – to be automatically entered in a drawing for a prize at the TRUSTe Open House. To increase your chances of winning, start following us on Twitter @TRUSTe today and track the #TRUSTe15 hashtag. Doing so might up your chances to correctly answer the questions (hint, hint).

No plans to be in San Francisco on July 19? No worries.

By answering the questions correctly – whether you’re present at the Open House or not – you’re eligible for the drawing. Our goal is to get you involved in our celebration and thinking about how privacy affects our lives and our businesses in this fast moving online world.

Oh – and did we mention prizes? Ten lucky winners will be drawn from the pool of respondents with a perfect quiz score and receive a $100 gift card – so be sure to participate!

The link to the trivia contest again is

Good luck! And please stay tuned to learn about other upcoming TRUSTe anniversary fun and games.

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