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TRUSTe Powers Trusted Marketing – ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

October 31, 2011

Dave Deasy
VP of Marketing | TRUSTe


I recently attended the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Phoenix Arizona this month – TRUSTe was excited to sponsor and attend this great event which brought together a phenomenal list of speakers and attendees from the best brands in the world.  Aside from great presenters like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and author/NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, one of my favorite moments came during ANA President Bob Liodice’s opening remarks when he reviewed the ten principles outlined in the ANA Marketers’ Constitution.  The first principle is “Marketing must become increasingly targeted, focused and personal.”  Bob went on to share how marketing professionals must proactively address consumer privacy concerns in order deliver increasingly targeted, focused, and personal marketing programs. He pointed out how the DAA Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) self-regulatory program enables marketers to take advantage of targeted advertising while addressing consumer and regulatory concerns.

As the leading provider of privacy management solutions for over ten years, TRUSTe  knows the positive impact responsible privacy management can have on a brand.  In our OBA research study conducted in conjunction with Harris Interactive (published July 2011), we found that a majority of consumers do not like the concept of OBA – primarily due to the misconception that personally identifiable information (likes name and physical address) is commonly used in online behavioral advertising.  When assured that their personally identifiable informaiton is not attached to OBA, consumer favorability toward OBA doubles – and consumers are 50% more likely to click on ads and purchase from advertisers who provide the option to opt-out of behavioral advertising.  The best way to provide this option is through a DAA approved solution like TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Ads – this way you are assured of meeting the standards outlined by the ad industry and backed by the ANA.

But privacy management does not start and end with behavioral advertising.  Marketing programs are increasingly driven by the collection, use, and sharing of customer information.  In order to ensure that  your customers trust you with their personal information, you need to address privacy management for all your online channels, including e-commerce, email, social media, mobile and cloud-based services. And not just within the US, but also on an international level. We have helped thousands of businesses large and small establish responsible privacy management strategies – so let us know if we can help you.