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The Largest DAA-Compliance Solution Just Got Larger

September 15, 2011

Matthew Shevach
Director, Product Marketing


Our product and engineering teams are focused on making the implementation of OBA compliance and the AdChoices icon as convenient as possible through our TRUSTed Ads platform.  Here are a several highlights of features we’ve designed to make life easier when implementing compliance:


The TRUSTe platform is designed to cover virtually any ad format and creative type.  Three weeks ago we announced that TRUSTed Ads supports the direct inclusion of ad privacy notices in both rich media and in-stream video ads (i.e., pre-rolls). Our video solution permits implementation both through Flash / ActionScript integrations into video players or through the VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) standard. and Brightroll are some of our partners who are now implementing this feature across their video ads.

Ensuring Ecosystem Compatibility.

We have also made sure that our TRUSTe compliance tags have been certified and vetted by the largest inventory providers in the ad ecosystem.  We have worked closely with the folks at Doubleclick Ad Exchange and Google Display Network, Yahoo! (and Right Media), and AOL to secure formal certifications of the TRUSTe tags.  The certifications with these inventory providers are a result of the heavy lifting that has already been done by TRUSTe to ensure that the icon will correctly appear on ads run within these sites, networks and exchanges.  TRUSTe also works closely with each provider and other parties in the ecosystem to develop processes and systems to avoid the collisions of icons served by multiple parties.  This allows TRUSTe to ensure that our clients ads and icons will run seamlessly across all media without any delays to the underlying campaign.

Ad Platform Integrations.

Lastly, TRUSTe’s compliance tags are deeply integrated in major ad platforms throughout the ecosystem (agency ad servers, ad network platforms, publisher ad servers, DSPs, etc.).  In some cases we have created custom creative templates, which allow for increased convenience when trafficking the AdChoices icon through TRUSTe.  In other cases, with partners such as Turn and Pointroll, we have automated the icon trafficking process by leveraging ad server macros. We maintain these integrations with virtually every major ad server/platform in the business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and our team and we will be happy to review the options we have that will best meet your particular set-up and needs.