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A First: Facebook Opens Terms of Service for User Comment

February 26, 2009

TRUSTe has its fair share of Facebook addicts, including our CEO Fran Maier, who are probably more familiar with the privacy policy and the user controls available than the average person. We are constantly seeing unprecedented firsts when it comes to user privacy controls and today definitely heralded a first. It is certainly the first time in our 11 year history , we have ever seen a company open its terms of service and policies up for public comment, and we have worked with thousands of companies. While Facebook has consistently introduced new features and models that are innovative and disruptive [Remember how people reacted to Newsfeed?] they have also reacted in a transparent and responsive manner. This is another example of innovating not just in technology but in giving users control over their information. Is this a direction of user privacy to come for other industries too or is it unique to social networks and Facebook specifically?

Here are some links to the Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights. We’ll also post the Documents themselves for readers who are not Facebook members.

Press release. (public)

Facebook Town Hall: Proposed Facebook Principles (Facebook membership required)

Facebook Town Hall: Proposed Statement of Rights & Responsibilities (Facebook membership required)