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Rabio “Search Enhancer” Regains Trusted Download Status

July 23, 2008

On Friday, July 18, TRUSTe reinstated Rabio‘s “Search Enhancer” to the list of trusted downloads.

The move came three months after a single, rogue download of another program marketed by the company caused a top-to-bottom review of Rabio’s distribution. The result was a negotiated change in Rabio’s business model, consumer notification and confirmation Rabio was performing up to the highest standards of informed consumer choice, transparent approach and responsible distribution.

Rabio was cooperative through the process because as Rabio CEO put it, “This is one list I want us to be on.” He said the review helped strengthen the business on other fronts, too. “Our software performs better, our business partners are more tightly integrated and our sales team is sleeping better,” Berard said.

According to the TRUSTe review team, Rabio needed to fix its relationship with the distribution partner involved, specifically to retain control of its executable code. Rabio also committed to a higher level of control over such partnerships, alerted its users to the potential problem and provides notice of how to uninstall the application.

Once these requirements were met, it was an easy decision to reinstate Rabio.

Posted by Irina Doliov, Sr. Product Manager