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Privacy Radio: Who You Are, Where You Go, What You Do

July 17, 2008

Today’s concept of online privacy is new territory for anyone actively involved with the Internet. Unlike a decade ago, privacy today is not just about “who you are, but privacy is now about where you are going, and what you do,” suggests Maier. In her recent guest appearance on San Francisco‘s KALW City Visions radio show hosted by Joseph Pace, TRUSTe CEO Fran Maier along with Debbie Gage, senior technology reporter, San Francisco Chronicle, and Owen Tripp, executive vice president, Reputation Defender addressed how Internet privacy has evolved over the years, and offered some privacy best-practices for your online business.

The Internet is in a new era in which humans are now interacting online at more complex levels than a decade ago. In some instances we knowingly generate personal content that is then displayed on social networking sites, but in other cases we inadvertently leave behind a digital footprint any time we conduct an online search, or visit a Web site. Much of the information being collected is about an individual’s online actions that is not necessarily personally identifiable, but is attached to an IP address. Maier states that although companies may collect such information innocuously, “we at TRUSTe believe that [the user] should at least know that it’s happening.” TRUSTe encourages online companies to offer transparent disclosure and to promote user choice. Maier explains, “Privacy right now is more about control over your information, not just how to protect your information.”

Listen to the full broadcast.

Posted by Candice Stewart